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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Imperfect Pairings is the Perfect Match for Your Wine Reading List

I am grotesquely late in publishing this review, but such is life - we sneak in our pleasures in the sparest of spare moments and revel in the opportunity to share them when the time arises.

Jackie Townsend was kind enough to send an autographed copy of her latest novel Imperfect Pairings my way last year. Billed as "not your typical Italian love story" I was pleased to find the antithesis of the typical saccharine, unimaginable plot that has come to define paperback novels geared towards a female audience. Light on sex and deep in thought, Imperfect Pairings is, in fact, a romance novel for women who despise romance novels.

The plot revolves around Jamie, a high-paced American junior executive, and Giovanni, a brilliant Italian engineer who falls for Jamie at first sight. A fling quickly turns into a romance, and when Jamie is swept off to Italy to attend a cousin's wedding at the family vineyard she encounters a life she never could have imagined in more ways than one.

The book hits all the right notes for wine lovers. Barolo, a Northern Italian wine based in the Nebbiolo grape, plays a deft supporting role triggering well paced character and plot development. A quick decision creates an elegant plot twist forcing Jamie to grow in profound ways, not unlike a fine wine reaching maturity with each passing day in the barrel. And as the story grows, so does Jamie's taste in wine; it is a clever move on the part of a writer obviously well versed in the wine scene.

Imperfect Pairings reads like a full-bodied dry red; well balanced, emotionally rich with just a hint of sweetness, this novel pairs well with snowed-in days, quiet evenings, and a glass of your favorite wine. An enjoyable read that will also motivate your interest in the vine, Imperfect Pairings should find a place at your reading table.

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