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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Rose Bank Winery

We're hiding out under the porch of the old tasting room as wedding guests pour into the beautifully restored 1800's barn/tasting room. A great way to end your tour, this pour your own tasting featured nearly 20 wines ranging from super dry to delicious desert. We left with the infamous Acai and Raspberry Secret in hand. As I sit sipping on my rather fruit forward Reisling I have to admit, the Bucks County Wine Trail is going to be one of my hotspots for ages to come.

Rushland Ridge Vineyards

Lisa hosted a pour your own tasting featuring 15 wines including Traminette, Ravat and Foch alongside traditional viniferas, labruscas, and blends. Warm and welcoming, we were invited to take a dip in the pool that sits amidst vineyards producing 1,000 cases annually. We left with a most amazing and unique Traminette offering both the perfume and taste of a gorgeously balanced fruit/mouthfeel, as well as a delightful Ravat. Don't miss the Foch, a rare dry, fruit forward varietal for the area.

Wycombe Vineyards

Rich, the wine grower, harvester, and maker will guide you through a tasting of some of the most unique vinifera wines grown on his family's estate. Spare yourself the stress of choosing and get a bottle of each. Our favorites included the Just Married, a blend including some of the most delicious Chardonnay this anti-buttery pallate has ever tasted.

Live blogging PA Wine Adventure

New Hope Winery- Like dry? Amazing dry whites. Left with the Chablis & Cab Sav. Coming back for Pinot Gris & Solebury White. Thank you, Christopher!

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Wear T's 4 Wine #supportlocalvines

This week I tweeted @WineGirlBlog:
So, why am I offering to wear an NJ Winery T-Shirt at the upcoming Summer Chill Wine Fest at Renault Winery? It all started, ironically enough, at the Winter Chill Wine Festival at Renault last January. It was the perfect event to don my Sharrott Winery Crimignoles t-shirt I'd picked up and warm enough to wear it without a jacket. Sure enough, the t-shirt was a hit with my friends at Sharrott, who were the only folks who didn't mistake me for a winery employee that day. Various reactions I received included:

"What's a Crimignoles?" (Answer: A blend of Sharrott's Crimson Sky and Vignoles - two great wines on their own - paired for an extra sweet-tart treat.)

"Dude, we love your wine!"

"Wow, they let you off to go taste wine?"

"Shouldn't you be working?"

And, my personal favorite: "Why aren't you wearing my t-shirt?"

It was a question posed, quite charmingly I might add, by several vintners charmed by my support of local wines. "Well," I'd reply, "I'll wear one of your t-shirts next time! Do you have them here for sale?"

Hence the idea: Will Wear T's 4 Wine.

I've got an impartial witness who will testify that I sent at least 20 odd attendees over to Sharrott's table that day to try their Crimignoles blend. I didn't think I'd be a walking billboard, but I had great fun talking NJ wines and showing my support for one of my favorite wineries.

Are you a #NJ Winery with a t-shirt to spare? Contact me at winegirlblog@gmail.com with pricing details. I want to support YOU at the upcoming Summer Chill Wine Festival at Renault Winery!

Monday, June 17, 2013

All Corked Up


So what do you prefer? We've seen a growing number of wineries make the move to synthetic, and it is nice not to worry about crumbles in your wine, but you can't sniff plastic.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Warwick valley winery & distillery

Want a gorgeous place to relax with a fine wine or delicious cider? Check out Warwick Valley Winery & Distillery in the heart of black dirt country, minutes from the NJ border.

They grow their apples and fruit on site and their grapes in the Finger Lakes. This translates into peak flavors on the palate. The ciders are not to be missed; fresh and crisp with nust the right carbonation. The Black Dirt Red is a gorgeously spicy Baco Noir that makes the kind of sangria dry drinkers crave. Other faves include Harvest Moon (a labrusca/vinifera white blend), Gewurztraminer  (perfect perfume on the nose and tongue), and Black Dirt Blush.

The Distillery operates under the title American Fruits and produces the most gorgeous fruit liquers imaginable.

Do not miss the chance to partake of the garden cafe offerings, some live music, and some amazing beverages at this gorgeous location.