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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Warwick valley winery & distillery

Want a gorgeous place to relax with a fine wine or delicious cider? Check out Warwick Valley Winery & Distillery in the heart of black dirt country, minutes from the NJ border.

They grow their apples and fruit on site and their grapes in the Finger Lakes. This translates into peak flavors on the palate. The ciders are not to be missed; fresh and crisp with nust the right carbonation. The Black Dirt Red is a gorgeously spicy Baco Noir that makes the kind of sangria dry drinkers crave. Other faves include Harvest Moon (a labrusca/vinifera white blend), Gewurztraminer  (perfect perfume on the nose and tongue), and Black Dirt Blush.

The Distillery operates under the title American Fruits and produces the most gorgeous fruit liquers imaginable.

Do not miss the chance to partake of the garden cafe offerings, some live music, and some amazing beverages at this gorgeous location.

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