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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Rose Bank Winery, Newtown, PA

Hitting a winery or two during a pleasant snowfall is rather beaucolic - as long as a few muddy potholes in the parking lot don't bother you.  And don't let them -- especially when it comes to Rose Bank Winery in Newtown, PA.

Rose Bank possesses the perfect combination of Bucks County charm (settled on land deeded by William Penn to his daughters in the 1700s) and modern winery flair guaranteed to please anyone from the first-time visitor to the wine trail wine-o. 

With over 20 wines to sample ranging from uber-dry to super-sweet, Rose Bank Winery has a flavor for everyone's palate.  Not being a dry fan myself, the most I can say of the Merlot and various Cabernet blends are that they were assuredly dry with a definite oak flavor. 

The Pinot Grigio was one of the least tannic, most clear dry whites I've ever tasted and the Riesling was a barely-sweet and light dry wine that I would definitely have at my table for a variety of meals.  The Vidal Blanc was an extremely pleasant wine that I rated 8/10 on my own personal scale with the comment, "Really nice cold" on my tasting sheet.  Again, with only a hint of sweetness, this semi-dry would be a fantastic choice for your summer dinner fare. 

Being a big fruit wine fan, Rose Bank's Summer Sangria was a special hit with my husband, the grapefruit fanatic, for its powerful citrus blend.  In fact, it is so citrus in nature that Rose Bank deserves special recognition for managing to pour a bit of Florida into every glass.  Offering a diverse selection of 100% fruit-based wines, Rose Bank's Pomegranate has a scent to die for; their Cranberry contains a mouth-puckering tart finish; their rather acidic Blueberry goes down extremely smooth.

The standouts for uniqueness in idea, taste, and finish were:

Red Raspberry - 3/4 sweet, 1/4 tart, this gem is as pleasant to the nose as it is to the palate and as worthy a choice to combine with certain foods as it is to stand alone. 

Cayuga - A gorgeous grape developed in the Finger Lakes region, this white blend is "light, sweet and crisp" ...translating into clear, cold, and full of flavor with a powerful, yet not over-powering finish.  This is the wine that becomes your best friend on a hot summer day out or a cold winter afternoon in - pair it with a light meal and let the flavors draw you in.

Blackberry - Amazingly potent, this wine is both sweet and dry with a light finish.  Unlike some blackberry wines that can be almost syrup-like, Rose Bank's Blackberry manages to offer itself as a careful dinner pairing as well as a stand-alone aperitif or dessert offering after a heavy meal.

Raspberry Secret - Like chocolate?  Like chocolate-covered fruit?  This is what Wonka would produce if he had a distillery.  Drink in rich, sweet raspberries and savor the chocolate flavor dancing along your palate after you swallow.  Amazing.  Forget cake.  Forget cookies.  This is your ultimate dessert wine.

Acai - Yes, the power-berry is now a wine.  My tasting card reads: "Wow, so different!" It's true.  Flavorful - not sweet, not tart ...simply drink and be satisfied.

Tastings come at a minimal fee, but the price is reimbursed with a minimum purchase of $30, an easy thing to accomplish at Rose Bank.  Available for weddings, life-cycle events, and religious occasions, Rose Bank is an excellent choice for that special day out and a definite place to obtain the must-haves for your own wine cellar.

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